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Meet Your Photographer:

Hey HEYYY! I’m so stoked that you’re curious about makin’ this third wheel relationship a thang. My name is Megan and I am already DYINGGG to meet you, are you ready to meet me?

I fell in love with the concept of capturing a memory- not just a pose and forced smile... I'm lookin' at you Walmart! I take pride in yanking out every persons personality during our photosesh and making it a fun and energetic experience- I mean look at that photo of me, just a ball of energy seemingly about to explode from the veins in my forehead. I always get brides thanking me for getting their guys to ACTUALLY smile! I focus more on little challenges (like “Kiss her on the cheek as many times as you can in 10 seconds! GO!”) that allow you and your other half to be YOURSELVES- and then we can get that smiling at the camera pose for mom and G-ma. It's soooooo not about being photogenic, its about relationships, love, personality and moments. Can I get an amen? I’m based out of Victoria BC and will be travelling between here and Calgary throughout the summer. And HECK YA, I am so down to travel.

     If you’re dying to hear more about me, I love human anatomy and am the type of person who usually gets stopped mid sentence at the dinner table because people just aren’t THAT into the digestive system (especially not poop OR farts so I’ve learned). I'm a little over the top-word vomiting every freakin day about my passions and goals- but I like to think of it as an instant friendship kind of personality. Hot apple cider is my jam and makes me as happy as a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks make most other gals. I am a sucker for typos, you’ll catch ‘em everywhere and I probably won’t change them even if they’re pointed out. And I have had nearly 6 trillion photos taken of me so when you inevitably feel a little shy in front of the camera, psshh, I truly do know how you feel.

⬅️Thats me! And that outfit is known as my “dragon suit” because of the “scales” on the sides…


People that I LOVE to work with (Maybe its you?):

-You Value photography and the full experience

-More than happy to pay my fee’s (we can work out a payment plan, dontchya worry)

-you follow me and my crazy journey

-you are all about showing me your wedding dress, shoes, ideas and exciting things!

-You love my work and feel connected to my style

-you plan on feeding me at your wedding (Your girl loves food, and will be in a gooood mood if fed)

-You plan on getting married in a unique outdoor venue (Check my bucket list for discounts)

-you are willing to pay for my travel if you are having a destination wedding

-you are Authentic and will be oh so tear jerking with your vows

-also love the vendors on my preferred vendor list

-you Communicate well!


 My Bucket List (Get $500 off of your wedding):

-Bilston Creek Farm- Victoria, bC

-Sea cider farm - Victoria, BC

-Cedar Haven Weddings - Victoria BC

-Deep Cove Winery - Victoria BC

-Merridale Estate Cidery - Cobble Hill, BC

-Wickaninnish Inn - Tofino, BC

-Cloyoquot Wilderness Resort - Tofino BC

-Hycroft Manor - Vancouver, BC

-The Pipe Shop - Vancouver, BC

-Nita Lake Lodge - Whistler BC

-Predator Ridge - Kelowna, BC

-Storm Mountain Lodge - Banff, AB

-Elk Ridge Resort - Waskesiu, sK

-Chalet des Erables - Qc

-Hotel De Glace -Quebec City, QC

-Cielo’s Garden - Steinbach, Mb

-Fogo Island Inn - Joe batts arm, Nl

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 Preferred Vendor List:

-Make up by Hannah Daughtry -Vancouver Island

-Champagne Rose Events - Natalie Wright, Event Planner - Vancouver Island

-Willow Hair - Marlee Clark - Vancouver Island

-Cobble Hill Cake Co - Susan Rodgers - Vancouver Island

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