Kyleigh Moore


Small Business Feature

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I met Kyleigh through my 30 Days of Love project back in February and she stole my heart. Kyleigh is a very creative women, recently niching down on her love of performing and singing. She is an incredibly hard worker, searching for likeminded individuals to create a community around self love, positivity, kindness and support.


Kyleigh says ”I'm just a little caramel girl, desperately searching for purpose. I've tried different avenues, and none of them allowed me to fully be myself. So I'm working on creating my own brand. Sharing my music and unique creative flare, in Hope's to inspire and encourage others to do the same. Music has always been so close to my heart which made me so vulnerable, which was and is terrifying. But with a little honey, and a lot of courage, I know I can do whatever I set my mind to if I'm passionate about it and work hard enough. Just carvin' my name in stone.”

To support her, check out her youtube channel and song covers.

Megan Maundrell