Shaylen + Logan

Shaylen + Logan

Lakeside, Golden Hour, Couples Session


Logan and Shaylen met when they were quite young, only in grade 8. Shaylen developed a school-yard crush on him the day they met. They didn’t start dating until Grade 12 year; he had always been with someone else and she had been horribly shy up until that year. Their first date was for frozen yogurt. Shaylen decided to drive and was so nervous that she nearly ran a stop sign! They laugh about it now, but she was sure she had scared him away with that near death experience for sure!

Logan has always been a gentleman and a romantic. To ask Shaylen to prom he had her scale a cliff to get to a look-out that faced town. He had gotten permission to put Christmas lights on the roof of someone’s house that spelled out “Prom?” She was almost too scared to get to the look-out, but he was patient and supportive.

They had both already chosen Universities by the time they had started dating, and neither of them were going to change schools. At that stage in their relationship it seemed silly to choose a school only because the other person was going to be there. They were worried that things didn’t work out we’d be stuck in a city we didn’t want to be in. So Shaylen went to UBCO and Logan to UVIC. The plan was to give long-distance a shot, and to visit each other as often as they could.

Long-distance was one of the most challenging things they have ever had to over come together. They Skyped and called each other daily, but Shaylen said it was definitely a struggle at times to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They muddled through long-distance for four years, with all the ups and the downs. They got a place together in Vancouver while Shaylen finished my degree and Logan worked co-op jobs through the university, and then they both packed up and moved to Victoria. Shaylen is going on another adventure and sadly, that means that they have to once again, be apart. I felt so honoured to be able to provide them with photos to look back on in times of missing one another.

Megan Maundrell